Convert any audio or video file from one format to another using FFmpeg

I’ll start with a small introduction, for people working with audio and video files on opensource platform, FFmpeg is a command line swiss army knife. It’s a multi-purpose utility tool, but most of the time I use it to convert files from one format to another. One more thing, the ‘FF’ stands for Fast Forward.

Ubuntu, OpenShot and Axel

Being an opensource enthusiast and trying to do multimedia stuff is not easy. When you compare with the kind of tools and applications available on other operating systems like Mac and Windows, opensource applications don’t seem to be capable enough.

Lessons in Content Writing Learned the Hard Way

Lessons learned on bed of roses are often forgotten but those learned on prickles and spikes stay printed in your mind. Taking the road less traveled may throw you in fire and deep seas or just bring sunshine and rainbows but it sure changes you as a person and your perspectives.

I have been a writer for quiet a long but it took time and substantial amount of learning and practice to get running, and there are some core lessons I learned the hard way over the past few years.

Learning the Power of Ubiquity from Bittorrent

Ubiquity means being pervasive, the state of being present everywhere at once. Might sound like being godly, but its not; its happening, and many of you reading this article might be a part of this cooperative sharing community that Bittorrent has formed over the years.

Hollywood and other media fraternities and big brand production houses, having been fighting piracy since a very long time, and still protesting and taking steps to stop piracy. The thing is, why don’t they stop shouting and start being pervasive? And, if you think you have been pervasive enough, think again, you are not.

Curators are visionaries, They have an intuition that is valuable

With all the hype going around about tumblr getting acquired by yahoo for billion dollars, I wanted to share a thought on the real value of tumblr.

Tumblr has a lot of authentic content:

What do most of the users do on tumblr? sharing and re-blogging stuff, that’s all you think about the tumblrers.

If you would have been a hard core tumblrer like i was, you would know, that there’s more authentic and realistic content on tumblr than any other social networking site.

Secure your Router

As i mentioned in my previous post securing your router is really crucial, you shouldn’t ignore it. Already there have been lots of cases of hacking, where the intruders hacked into the wi-fi performed illegal activities and the innocent guy had to go through hardship. You just need to perform a few basic tweaks, and that should be sufficient.

Tweaks to Speed up your Router

Tweaking router to speed up the internet is a requirement not only for home users, but also for startups, there are so many startups that initiate from homes, rented rooms or small spaces, garage, basement or backyard workshop. Even if you have 3 or more people working, its better tweak a little for an optimized internet speed for every user.

Speed up your internet Select a faster DNS

The Domain Name System, I’ll not go into the theoretical details, but givng a brief, when you type any website name or any URL in your browser’s address bar, it needs to be converted to an ip address, becuase this is what the computer, the router, switch, network hub understand, the name or the url is for the human readability and easefulness. The DNS converts the website-name to an ip address.

selecting an appropriate DNS does make a lot of difference, it does